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Onze professionals bij een geuren training van Chanel


Beauty Academy

Zeelz Beauty Academy

At the Zeelz Beauty Academy everyone is welcome who wants to work in the Beauty Industry or wants to deepen her/his knowledge by following (additional) trainings.
After following the trainings selected for you in our Beauty Academy you may call yourself all-round Beauty Advisor. If you have no training or experience, we offer you:

  • General Basic Cosmetic Knowledge and Kick Off.
  • Various sales training courses (both general and Travel Retail),
  • Basic skincare, perfume and make-up and related sales techniques
  • Product training from the luxury cosmetics houses you qualify for

Are you already familiar with/in our industry? Then we offer you a customized training program, an apprenticeship/work program is among the possibilities.
All trainings are free of charge for everyone who works or will work for us. Of course it is also possible to follow (separate) trainings for a small fee if you do not work for us. We also provide customized training for companies that want to train their own staff. Call us for the possibilities and/or our training calendar at 0299-748350 or email
If you want to specialize in a field, we will help you find the right training. All trainers we work with offer practice-oriented and tailored training, sometimes with a job guarantee with us or one of our clients.
Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.