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ZeelZ. The personnel agency that does things differently!

ZeelZ is a personnel agency that mainly specializes in the cosmetics industry, but thanks to the proven high quality, clients outside the cosmetics industry have also found us recently. And that means that we can also deploy our Professionals in other sectors now. We recruit, select and place professional staff who are enthusiastic, who always have their knowledge up-to-date and who have a commercial attitude. Whether you are looking for a nice job or for trained and educated (permanent or flexible) staff, you have come to the right place at ZeelZ. Because of our unique online planning system, we can mediate quickly between clients and professionals. Thanks to this system and our online working method, we are able to offer higher salaries and lower rates than other companies. View our references to see which companies already work with ZeelZ and how our Professionals experience working with ZeelZ. Make an appointment without obligation to discuss the possibilities. We like to think along!